Who are Elle & Ess?

You won’t be reading this blog to see the crazy-wild escapades of some wealthy, globe-trotting, champagne-swilling, perfect-bodied hedonists. Nope. We are about as ‘regular’ a couple as you’re gonna find — solidly middle class Americans, with super typical daily goings-on, living in a small town where we are not ‘out’ as swingers.

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College-educated, with careers, pets, and kids who are in their twenties. Home and cars and yard work that we take care of ourselves. Bodies and minds to maintain. Hobbies we pursue both together and separately (that’s not a euphemism, folks). Crazy extended family. And real relationship ups and downs. This is Ess’ only marriage, but I was married once before. We’re in the real shit, folks, just like you.

We’re in the real shit, folks, just like you.

We have both lived, up until this, in heterosexual monogamous relationships. Our sexual exploration together before entering the LS included enjoying sex toys, some light bondage, and watching porn together.

We’re betting that all sounds pretty familiar to you. That’s why we’re doing this blog — we’ve found that folks are hungry to hear how real people do this…and how it works out for them.

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Full Disclosure: There are some ways we may differ from the typical couple next door. I am more than a little bi-comfortable — and love exploring that part of myself in the LS. Within our relationship, our sex is unfettered — nothing has ever been off the table. We’re very orally-inclined (a BJ has never been a “reserved just for a special occasion” treat). I enjoy nipple clamps and anal, and Ess is somewhat bi-intrigued (without presently having any real experience beyond pegging to confirm whether he’s comfortable with men or not). We’ve always felt a little shocked when vanilla friends talk about what they won’t do in bed with each other. That’s never been a thing for us.

Probably, we’re right about middle-of-the-road — neither the kinkiest nor the tamest.

We know that not every couple is into the same things we dig or that we feel called to try, and we also know that we’re still quite a bit on the tamer end of the sexual exploration spectrum (thank you very much, Internet, for the things we cannot unsee but would so very much like to). Probably, we’re right about middle-of-the-road — neither the kinkiest nor the tamest out there.

We’re betting that we’re more like you than not. Feel free to tell us who you are. We’d love to hear about what brings you to this blog, what you hope to get out of it, and suggestions for what you’d like to read.

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One thought on “Who are Elle & Ess?

  1. Hi,

    You two sound like us, we have just started our journey down the rabbit hole. We started out with joking, a little bit of fantasy play, and eventually, I asked about looking into swinging. The difference being, I am interested in seeing her with another man.

    We have yet to actually have our first experience, usually it’s being able to coordinate and afford a babysitter that holds us back, but we’ve been on a date with a couple, and we love this couple and can’t wait to play with them. We’ve also already been ghosted by a couple, that is just starting out themselves, that one kinda hurt.

    But I am looking forward to reading about your adventures, thank you for sharing them.

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