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We recently had the opportunity to attend the Sinn-ergy Holiday Party in the Washington, D.C. area. Sinn-ergy is a popular members-only event organizer in the MD-DC-VA region of the eastern United States.

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From what we understand, the Holiday Party in early December is relatively new — this being the second year for the event. The bigger, more established, Sinn-ergy events of this season are their sexy Halloween Party and New Year’s Eve. Since we could not attend either of those this year, we opted to try out the Holiday Party.

Communication | Sinn-ergy’s website is attractive and well-done. Communication is ample and timely. We would like to see emails that are more clearly written and feature better proofreading (we’re kind of snobs about things like spelling, punctuation, and grammar). We did have some user-error (read: MY error) with communication and we were super impressed with how responsive Sinn-ergy’s main organizer was to our correspondence to clear it up. He even gave me his cell number the day of the event to make sure everything went smoothly.

Location | Sinn-ergy releases the address of the party to paid attendees 24-72 hours before the event. This was an on-premise party (not a house party, not a hotel party) that took place in an industrial park, where a building had been outfitted and decorated for the occasion. Communication before the event was clear about what to expect upon arrival and how to behave while coming/going and during the party, and also provided parking details. A special rate had been secured at a very nearby hotel for those who wanted to continue playing or stay nearby.

Atmosphere | Ess remarked that he was impressed more than he thought he would be by the decor and atmosphere inside the plain, industrial-park building. Once inside, every attempt had been made to make sure guests had needed amenities and celebratory surroundings. Those checking folks in were friendly and helpful, making sure everyone knew where to find the coatroom and restrooms. The main party area was dimly lit, but not dark, with festive colored lights. The dance floor featured an elevated DJ, a pole, and a hoop suspended from the ceiling. At regular intervals, sexy entertainment took over the dance floor — belly dancers, hula hoop performers, snake dancers, and aerial performers. Music was at a perfect volume for both dancing and being able to hold conversations. The BYOB bar was super well-organized and the bartenders were attractive and friendly, as well as helpful. We were pleasantly surprised at how smoothly BYOB worked out with their assistance (bartenders do work for tips, so bring cash). There was no seating in the main area, but there were several high-top tables set up for lingering while chatting. Some party foods were also available in the back of the room (though we did not partake). Those who had paid for the additional perks could go upstairs to the VIP tables, where there was seating and a birds-eye view of both the main floor and a portion of the playroom.

Clientele | Really, the attendees at this event appeared to represent a mix of ages and types. Body types went from tiny and nubile on up, with someone for just about anyone. In terms of diversity, it was mostly a homogenous crowd of Caucasians, but not entirely. We would like to have seen more diversity, in that respect. Outfits ran the range from whimsical and playful to formal and classy — and just about everything in between. In terms of how revealing people were dressed, that also ran the range from nearly-naked to sexy floor-length gowns. True to the event’s dress code, everyone was dressed to see and be seen, for sure. It was, by and large, an attractive and well-groomed group of people. With one glaring exception (see ‘other’ below), all of the guests we interacted with were well-behaved, self-aware, friendly, respectful, relaxed, and fun.

Playroom(s) | The playrooms in the back offered a variety of experiences — some single beds, some beds clearly set up for parallel play, a sex swing and a few other naughty bondage or fetish-y devices, and one huge open bed that could handle multiple couples — with an open view from the VIP lounges above. Really, attendees could choose any number of situations and play either as a couple or with others, with total comfort and about as much privacy as they wanted (each bed area was draped with curtains that could be opened or closed — with the exception of the big group bed and the fetish-y stuff. There were lots and lots of towels available, as well as bottles of water.

Safety/Security | Communication before the party was very clear about the idea of consent and respect. There wasn’t any time when either of us felt that standard violated. The organizer’s security folks were nice (read: not jerky bouncers who never smile), but also clearly looking out for people. Those hired to be on the job were clearly fully on the job. Anyone who wanted to touch us asked first, even when we joined in on the multiple-couple bed. Though there were plenty of near-orgy activities going on near us, no one assumed we wanted to be part of that fray.

Other | We did have one major issue at the end of our night, but it was related more to guest behavior than the organizer. Someone had clearly had too much to drink — which could be put on the bartenders, but really it’s on the guest who should have known his or her limits. When we went to put on our clothes and leave, Ess found that this person had puked copiously all over his clothes and shoes. Yes, you read that right. It was pretty horrible. We didn’t hear or see it happen, so assume that someone on the bed next to us just leaned over and let go, then left. Not cool at all. While the host was hands-on helpful, sympathetic, and apologetic in the moment, he didn’t offer any consolation beyond regrets and assurances that this is a first for their organization. What would we like to have happened? Well, it would have been a nice gesture for the organizer to offer Ess complimentary admission to a future event to make up for the decidedly unpalatable end of the evening (if I can get him to go back). We want to think this was an isolated incident, but would be remiss in not mentioning it as something that can, apparently, happen in an active playroom. And…we learned a valuable lesson about what to do and not to do with your clothes when you undress in one!

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