Four months into this adventure, and the blog is picking up steam — even if our dating life isn’t quite yet (read about that here). We recently surpassed 1,000 followers on Twitter, our Instagram account is picking up, and we’ve gotten some great, encouraging feedback from readers.

We really weren’t sure whether folks would be interested in what we had to say as we ventured into the Lifestyle. Turns out, at least a few are!

We thought our readers might like an update on a couple of things going on recently that we’re excited about.


We’re super impressed with, and enthusiastic about, the Lifestyle events calendar recently created and maintained by TorridSouls. Even cooler — they’ve provided us permission to include the calendar right here on our blog, so that our readers can easily find out what events are happening — when, where, what, who’s hosting, how to get involved, and which bloggers or podcasters will be there.

Our readers can access the calendar under RESOURCES, or just click on the screenshot below.



In one of our first posts — Pushing the Button — we mentioned that we were using just one online dating service.

“We are on just one dating site, as of now, having selected Kasidie as our starting point. In deference to guideline #2, we may never expand beyond one dating site (though we aren’t ignoring/ruling out all of the advice we’ve heard about trying out more than one).”

While we are still on Kasidie, and still recommend it, we have since also added profiles on AltPlayground (APG) and — most recently — Double Date Nation (DDN). We are also now affiliates of both Kasidie and DDN. When you click through Kasidie links on our blog or join DDN with our promo code (EE19), we earn promotional fees if you later decide to join as a paying member. One thing we can promise you — we will never become affiliates with any organization or service we don’t use and enjoy, ourselves. If we don’t think it’s quality, we won’t back it.

And, look, real talk here — We don’t expect this blog to replace our day jobs. The small trickle of affiliate kickbacks and Amazon Associate fees we gain through these relationships allow us to recover our blog-associated fees (quality blogging costs at least a little bit of money).

Full disclosure — if we DO start to make any kind of real cash as a result of this blog thing, you’ll see us traveling to some of the events on that calendar with it!


We’re most excited about our new partnership with Double Date Nation because it’s such a contemporary, well-designed, and well-conceived site. We’ve also gotten to work with the creators a bit and they are smart, sexy, incredible people! They’ve put a ton of thought into the user experience.

Since we want to populate this gorgeous new site with as many awesome couples as possible — we linked up with them to offer our readers 3 months to try it free. We’re pretty convinced that once folks try it out, they’ll want to stick with it!

We will never become affiliates with any organization or service we don’t use and enjoy, ourselves. If we don’t think it’s quality, we won’t back it.

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