We are Elle and Ess, happily married best friends. We have adventured together in many ways for 15+ years, and now we are opening our intimate lives to adventure, as well.

At the request and encouragement of various LS friends, we’re committing to blogging about our first year of experimentation with ethical non-monogamy. For that year, at least, this blog will feature JOURNAL entries that dish the scoop as we redefine the “confines of marriage” for ourselves. Along the way we will also write some about who we are and our why behind all of this.

Most of the writing will be Elle. Fair warning: Elle is very comfortable using colorful language.

But wait….there’s MORE.

In addition to the JOURNAL, The Sexy Adventures of Elle & Ess will also feature articles and interviews related either directly or tangentially to ethical non-monogamy and sex positivity, and we’ll add reviews of things we try, as well as grow a list of Lifestyle and sexuality resources.

Most of the writing on the blog will be Elle, unless you see Ess attributed. Fair warning: Elle is very comfortable using colorful language.

These are our thoughts, stories, experiences, and ideas. We are not professionals nor experts in sex, sexuality, or relationships — and, accordingly, we do not provide advice.

JOURNAL | Our diary of sexy adventures and misadventures, as they unfold from the very beginning. This is what a lot of our new LS friends have asked us to write about…the inside scoop on our journey from vanilla to Sriracha. Names and some details altered to protect the innocent and (hopefully) not-so-innocent.

ESSays | The word essay comes from the French verb meaning “to try.” These are articles in which we try to convey relevant ideas and/or information, or maybe pose questions for your consideration. Like sexy men, they offer variety — some are brief, some more lengthy. Depending on the topic and our mood, they may be funny, serious, satirical, whimsical, informative, snarky, frivolous, or insightful. We hope all are engaging and entertaining.

REVIEWS | Pretty straight forward — posts where we review things we try out — such as venues, products, events, apps & websites, or services. Let us know if there’s something you want us to try out and review.

RESOURCES | We’d be lost without these bold pioneers! A list of some helpful podcasts, blogs, books, etc. Want to be a Featured Resource? Contact us to find out how.

GLOSSARY | “I don’t think that word means what you think it means.”1 | Sometimes we use terms differently than others. We decided to add a page of words, phrases, and acronyms — and explanation of how we mean them when we use them.

1 We really, really super hope you don’t need this footnote, but if you do — here’s the source of that quote. As you wish.

Others’ photos will be attributed and are licensed under CC 1.0
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