Articles & Studies

Consensual Non-monogamy: A Year of Sex Research in Review by Dr. Sarah Hunter Murray in Psychology Today (December 2018)

Focus: Understanding Consensual Non-Monogamy by Dr. Ryan Scoats for Discovery Society (July 2018)

How I Made Consensual Non-monogamy Work by Grant Stoddard in Tonic/Vice (December 2018)

How I Negotiated Non-Monogamy in my Monogamous Relationship by Zoe Ligon for Refinery29 (December 2018)

Is Polyamory a Form of Sexual Orientation by Dr. Elizabeth Sheff in Psychology Today (October 2016)

Jealousy, Consent and Compersion Within Monogamous and Consensually Non-monogamous Romantic Relationships | Study by Justin K. Mogilski, et al, published in Archives of Sexual Behavior (January 2019)

Monogamy vs Non-Monogamy: Who Is More Satisfied by Dr. Samantha Joel in Psychology Today (May 2018)

Most Adults Have Had ‘Unconventional’ Sex by Michael Castleman in Psychology Today (October 2018)

New Research on the Prevalence of Consensual Non-monogamy by Sara Driskell for IU Bloomington (June 2018)

Polyamorous Sex is the Most Quietly Revolutionary Political Weapon in the United States by Olivia Goldhill for Quartz (December 2018)

Reasons for Sex and Relational Outcomes in Consensually Nonmonogamous and Monogamous Relationships: A Self-Determination Approach | Study by Jessica Wood, Serge Desmarais, Tyler Burleigh, and Robin Milhhausen, published in Journal of Social and Personal Relationships (March 2018)

Seven Forms of Non-Monogamy by Dr. Elizabeth Sheff in Psychology Today (July 2014)

‘The Ethical Slut’: Inside America’s Growing Acceptance of Polyamory by Anna Fitzpatrick in Rolling Stone (September 2017)

Things Monogamous People Could Learn From People in Open or CNM Relationships by Dr. Kate Frank for Discover Society (July 2018)

Why Is There Still a Stigma around Non-Monogamy? by Kelly Gonsalves for Mind, Body, Green (January 2018)

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