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Beyond Our Bedroom |
“One couple’s adventures through the swinging lifestyle. Mr. & Mrs. Swanilla are a fun-loving, sexually adventurous couple that are enjoying a sexy secret….We enjoy many things the lifestyle has to offer, as it enhances an already great sex life! Be sure to follow our blog to see where our journey takes us!”

The Monogamish Marriage |
“We are a happily married, suburban, professional couple who are exploring consensual non-monogamy. We’d like to share our journey with as many sex-positive people as possible, and along the way maybe understand it a little better ourselves.”

John and Jackie Melfi are club owners, event organizers, bloggers. Two of the most well-known LS practitioners, educators, and advocates. “Their mission is to inform, educate, and provide conversation for anyone interested in a more open relationship with their partner and to further foster a community of open minded, sexually motivated adults who want to experiment in love and sex.”

Sex and Psychology |
by Dr. Justin Lehmiller. “Created in order to share the science of sex, love, and relationships in a way that is both engaging and accessible. This is not a personal, opinion-based blog; rather, each article on here is rooted in science and actually cites the original research sources. The goal is for readers to learn responsible information about sex and relationships and to correct the numerous myths and misconceptions that actively harm our sexual health and well-being.”

Swinging Cajuns |
The Mrs. of a happily married, consensual non-monogamous couple. This is a blog about our adventures in the lifestyle.

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